How it all began...

In June of 2014, my new neighbors moved into the house next door which shares the same property as my cottage.  I had heard they were farmers but had no idea what that really meant. By the end of the month, ground had been broken with high tensile fencing in place and seedlings in the ground.  It was fascinating to watch this process and help where I could, so I began documenting everything with pictures. Peter and Carol, a husband and wife team, contribute their knowledge of ecological land care and animal husbandry and Wilson's experience as an organic vegetable farmer make them a cohesive team.  They have all been so generous with their knowledge; I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about soil nutrition, vegetable companion planting and the importance of sustainable agriculture. 

This blog documents my learning experience at Dancing Dog Farm, an organic and biodynamic inspired farm.  Please visit the 2014 & 2015 farm galleries in the left side navigation to browse my pictures of how the vegetable garden was established and how the farm continues to grow.  The sustenance page features food I am inspired to make and share with family and friends.

My neighbors are:

Carol Lake, also of Eco-Farm on Wheels

Wilson Chang, Farmer at Dancing Dog Farm

Peter Schmidt, also of Compostwerks

Please go to or to learn more about the farmers.